Chicken Eggs Candling

Candling is a process used to examine the inside of an egg without breaking it. It involves shining a light through the egg to reveal its contents, allowing you to determine whether the egg is fertile, has a developing embryo, or is infertile. This technique can be useful for identifying eggs that are suitable for hatching or that are no longer fresh enough to eat.

To candle eggs, you will need a candling lamp or a bright light source and a dark room or area. Hold the egg up to the light and look for any visible signs of fertility or development. In a fertilized egg, you may be able to see the developing embryo and blood vessels. In an infertile egg, the interior will appear clear and free of any visible structures.

It’s important to handle the eggs gently while candling to avoid damaging them. You may also need to rotate the egg to get a good view of its contents. Candling is typically done on eggs that are a few days old, as the embryo will not be visible until after this point.

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