Discovering Kenya’s Fascinating Exotic Chicken Breeds

When it comes to unique chicken breeds, Kenya has an impressive collection to offer. One such breed is the Ayam Cemani, a rare and exotic all-black chicken known for its striking appearance. The Ayam Cemani is highly sought after for its entirely black feathers, skin, and even internal organs. With its sleek, glossy feathers and intense red eyes, this breed has become a symbol of mystery and elegance.

Another fascinating chicken breed found in Kenya is the Silkie. Known for its fluffy plumage that feels like silk, the Silkie is a true marvel. Unlike most chickens, the Silkie lacks barbicels in its feathers, giving it a unique appearance that resembles fur rather than feathers. These gentle and docile birds are often kept as pets, and their distinctive appearance has earned them the nickname “the teddy bear chicken.


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