Egg hatching Automatic timer app

Ecochicks Poultry Ltd is the top incubator supplier in Kenya. All our incubators have automatic controls of temperature, humidity, ventilation and turning of eggs. They are setter and hatcher combined.

192 Eggs super qualify solar powered hatchery

  • Egg Capacity is 192 eggs
  • Automatic Control of: turning, ventilation, humidity, temperature, alarms,
  • Comes with Free spares & Accessories (Feeders, Drinkers, Cables, Torch, Water bottle)
  • Setter and Hatcher combined
  • Power: 80W /12V DC/ 240V AC
  • Can use either Solar/Battery or Electricity
  • Can preserve heat during a power blackout
  • Every incubator has very accurate and Calibrated PID Controller
  • Separate Heating and Humidification Chamber to give slow cyclic air circulation to make the humidity and temperature even throughout the incubator
  • Double layer trays allow to set eggs in stages
  • Hatch rate: 98%
  • Roller Turning system that ensures all eggs are well turned
  • Free training
  • Warranty:1 year
New model 192 hatchery
  •  The egg incubator can accommodate 192-200 eggs:  goose eggs,  duck eggs,  chicken eggs,  pigeon eggs, quail eggs. Compared with other small training boxes, the hatching space is larger.
  • LED display: LED displays temperature, humidity, hatching day, egg turning time, test light.
  • Automatic Egg Turning: This egg incubator has automatic egg turning function, it gently rolls the eggs every 2 hours, keeping the eggs warm evenly to improve incubation efficiency.
  • Temperature Control: The temperature display panel is for better temperature control. Humidity display panel is for better humidity control.
  • Transparent Cover: This egg incubator uses a transparent cover that you can see the working principle of the equipment and the hatching process with the transparent cover. for more information call us on 0727087285

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