Egg incubator manual on hatching from day 1 to 21

Collect fresh, fertile eggs from healthy birds and place them in the incubator.

The eggs should be less that 10 days old, good quality and clean

Adjust the temperature and humidity levels to the recommended settings for the type of eggs being incubated.

Set temperature to 37.8 and humidity at 60%-65%

Turn the eggs 3 to 4 times a day to ensure proper embryonic development.

Turning eggs aid in oxygen circulation and prevents the yolk from sticking inside the shell

Continue to adjust the temperature and humidity levels as necessary to maintain the optimal range for incubation.

This should be done by keeping a close look at the operation of the incubator

Monitor the eggs regularly to ensure they are developing properly and to address any issues that may arise

You can use a candler from day 8 to check on the development of the egg

Stop turning the eggs on day 18

Stop the turner or transfer the eggs to the hatching basket. Raise the humidity levels to around 65-70% to prepare the eggs for hatching.

Check the eggs for any signs of cracking or pipping, which indicates that the hatchling is beginning to emerge on day 21

Always avoid to open the incubator on during hatching as this results to poor hatch rate due to the loss of humidity

On day 22 and once the hatchlings have emerged, remove them from the incubator and place them in a brooder for proper care and feeding.

It is always recommended to allow 24 hours after the first pipping to remove the chicks from the incubator..
Egg incubator manual on hatching from day 1 to 21

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