Finding fertile eggs

A fertilized poultry egg is an egg that has been fertilized by a rooster’s sperm, resulting in the potential development of a chick. When a hen lays an egg, it can be fertilized if the egg is exposed to sperm from a rooster during the process of ovulation and fertilization. If the egg is not fertilized, it will not contain a developing chick and will be used for consumption or hatching artificially. Fertilized eggs are typically used for the purpose of hatching and raising chicks, but they can also be eaten just like unfertilized eggs.

Where to find fertile eggs in Kenya

There are several ways you can find fertile eggs in Kenya. One option is to visit a local farm or poultry seller and purchase fertilized eggs directly from them. Another option is to visit a farmers market or agricultural fair, where you may be able to find fertilized eggs for sale. You can also try contacting local poultry breeders or joining a poultry-related group or forum to ask about availability of fertilized eggs. Additionally, you may be able to find fertilized eggs for sale online through websites or social media platforms.

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