Goose eggs incubator for sale

Ecochicks Poultry Ltd is the top incubator supplier in Kenya. All our incubators can hatch a variety of poultry eggs such as goose, chicken, turkey, guinea fowl, duck, quail etc. The machines have automatic controls of temperature, humidity, ventilation and turning of eggs.

Supper qualify 192 automatic hatchery

  • Eggs capacity is 192 eggs
  • Power consumption is 80W/12V DC/240V AC
  • Auto turning of eggs
  • Automatic controls of temperature, humidity and ventilation
  • Can run for 4-8hrs during a power blackout
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Free delivery countrywide
Imported fully automatic hatchery

What is the incubation period for geese eggs?

It usually takes 28 to 30 days for geese eggs to hatch, but the eggs of some types of geese may take as long as 35 days depending on breed. Some breeds are lighter hence eggs hatching earlier than the larger breeds.

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