Highest rated egg incubator

Ecochicks Poultry Ltd is the top incubator supplier in Kenya. We sell high quality incubators at a fair price with a hatch rate of over 90%.

Super – Efficient 1056 Eggs fully automatic incubator

  • The egg capacity is 1056 chicken eggs.
  • Power is 400W with 240V AC.
  • It has automatic control of turning, ventilation, humidity and temperature.
  • It has combined setter and hatcher.
  • It can hatch chicken eggs, quail eggs, duck eggs, pheasant eggs, goose eggs, etc.
  • A cabin made of an insulated plate in a metal finish which offers a wide range of optimal and proven brood performance for all species.
  • Utilizes multi-function and¬†microcomputer-based technology for accuracy.
  • Equipped with standard automatic egg handling and corresponding baskets (basic equipment for chicken eggs).
  • Free delivery and training
New brand 1056 Egg incubator

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