In recent years, chicken farming in Kenya has become so trendy as to be commonplace.

As chickens need care every day, year-round, chicken farmers are not known for taking extended vacations so it is a profession to which a person must be very dedicated or have a staff on hand they trust.

Becoming a profitable chicken farmer takes a great deal of research in different methods to raise chickens and different ways to make money based on your area.

Calculation example for layers


Cost per chick ksh 90/chick for 200 birds                                           ksh 18000

Chick  mash   8 weeks – 1.7 kg/chick ksh 52/kg                                 ksh  17680

Growers mash period 8 to 20 weeks of age 4.3 kg/bird ksh 43/kg          ksh 36980

Vaccination                                                                                         ksh 6000

Vitamins/drugs                                                                                    ksh 3000

Brooding                                                                                             ksh 5000

Others                                                                                                 ksh 3000 

Total                                                                                                   ksh  89660 

Cost per bird at 4-5 months(point of lay) ksh 449 

Cost analysis of the 200 Laying birds 

Layers mash for 62 weeks  feeding 110gm/day/bird  ksh45/kg         ksh 429660

Others                                                                                                 ksh 25000

Cost at the point of laying                                                                  ksh 89660

Total costs at the end of laying                                                         ksh  544320

Cost per bird at the end of laying                                                       ksh 2722


Laying rate  23 eggs/month/bird for 62weeks  357 [email protected] for 200 birds   ksh 4000

Sale of  200 ex-layers  @350/bird   ksh   70000

Manure     ksh 7000

Total Income   ksh 791000

Margin/profit  (791000-544320)       ksh 246680


Feeding programe

Chick starter 0-8 weeks

Growers mash 8-18 weeks

Layers mash 62weeks


  1. How many days do chicks stay in incubator?

    Peninah Gitahi

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