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When raising baby chicks, keeping the water clean in their brooder can be a major challenge. Busy chicks kick shavings into the waterer and always find a way to poop in it. By far, my preference is to use poultry nipple waterers, however, it is not always possible to hang a bottle of water from the side of the brooder, particularly when utilizing a cardboard box.

Chicks also spill water, which leads to wet shavings and chicks eating feed off the wet, soiled brooder floor, is a recipe for contractingcoccidiosis. Cocci  is the #1 killer of baby chicks and proper brooder management is critical to keeping them alive and healthy

Its is advised to place a sheet pan on the brooder floor, lined the sheet pan with shavings and placed the hardware cloth riser on top of the sheet pan. The sheet pan and shavings catch any spills and the chicks are unable to play on or eat out of the wet shavings. Most notably, they have been unable to find a way to poop in the water 99% of the time! Right on!

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