Generic 528 Eggs Incubator Full Auto And Hatchery


  • full hatcher- can do both incubation and hatching
  • automatic water refilling mechanism-thus no manual refilling of water for humidity
  • Hatchability rate will be ascertained after 21 days
  • Generic 528 Eggs Incubator has digital controls of all parameters
  • Electric automatic incubator has the advantages of small size, large capacity
  • It has small temperature difference, stable performance and high hatch rate.
  • Beautiful appearance.The interior is clean and tidy, stainless steel material structure, corrosion-resistant
  • It is easy to clean, no paint, no odor, high strength stainless steel, long service life.
  • Economical power consumption. easy to operate and portable to transport. takes very little space.
  • Can operate both as incubator and hatchery.
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