1 month old chicks kuroiler and improved kienyeji

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Kuroiler and improved kienyeji

  • 3 day old chicks ksh=100
  • 1 week old chicks ksh= 140
  • 2 weeks old chicks ksh=170
  • 3 weeks old chicks ksh=20
  • 1 month old chicks ksh=230
  • 2 months old chicks ksh=270
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  • This chicken has a very good market and the demand is growing rapidly.
  • Kuroiler chicken is a good scavenger therefore don’t need more commercial feeding.
  • They occupy very little space; indigenos chicken can also be raised through supplement feeding.
  • High resistant to disease
  • Kuroiler can be raised at considerably very low cost.
  • Hence they grow within a very short time earns profit for the farmers.
  • Kuroiler are very good layers ie 150 to 200 eggs per year.
  • Kuroiler’s meat is very tasty and a largeyellow yolked egg is nutritious.
  • Kuroilers generate good income as they are good layers and good meat producers.


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