1 Week Old Kuroiler Chicks


  • The Kuroiler chicken is reared for both meat and eggs.
  • It is a dual purpose breed.
  • It is a hardy breed that can live on just eating agricultural and kitchen waste.
  • Most indigenous chickens lay an average of 40 eggs per year, while Kuroiler lay about 150 eggs per year, while only feeding on agricultural and kitchen leftovers.
  • Kuroiler hens mature between two and four months
  •  Hens weigh approximately 2.5-3 kg
  • They start laying at 3-4 months
  • Males weighs around 4.5 kg
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  1. Early Maturity – Kuroiler chickens start laying eggs at 5 months. At 4 months, they are ready to be sold as broilers.
  2. Higher production than their kienyeji counterparts. – When they start laying eggs at 5 months, Kuroiler chicken lay continuously for 2 years.  One Kuroiler chicken averages about 150 eggs a year, compared to their indigenous counterparts that average 40  eggs per year. At 4 months, Kuroiler birds being raised for meat will weigh 3.5kgs for Kuroiler rooters and 2.5kgs for hens.
  3. Cheaper production costs. – Kuroiler chicken can be reared in free-range or semi free-range conditions of their indigenous counterparts. They can live entirely on kitchen remains agricultural waste and scavenging for worms and other insects. This means even poor farmers can manage to raise Kuroiler chicken without straining, hence improving their livelihoods.


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