60 holding capacity egg incubator with high hatch rate and durable machine

Original price was: KSh18,000.00.Current price is: KSh12,000.00.

This a high quality egg incubator that is easy to use poultry eggs incubator  are available in Kenya for hatching chicken eggs,quails and all types of birds.
Operating control panel is inclined plane placed style,the oblique plane placed control panel so that the user operating experience better, customers can reduce stoop squat operation and other operation sanction, finger buttons efforts may also reduce.
In the bottom of the incubator increase adding water holes, and configured to customers free water injection while add water plug and when not adding water you close

 Brand new in box with an instructional guide, poultry egg incubator with  digital Temperature Control system, Built-in Fan and the water chamber.

The user will have to turn the eggs manually and will have to check the water in the water chamber T

  • Temperature setting via digital press buttons
  • 99% hatch-ability rate For commercial use, domestic and ‘chamas’
  • Great potential source of income generating activity-start days old hatching and you will never go wrong
  • Portable -easy to carry, takes very small space, noiseless
  • Can use solar, battery and generator
  • European Technology
  • Economical use of electricity-100 watts only
  • Can hatch any egg -chicken, Quail, goose, turkey, duck, parrot, peacock, reptiles, ostrich-any bird
  • Warranty: 1year


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