96 latest fully automatic egg incubator with LED displays and digital controllers

***Efficient 96 Eggs incubator
1). Efficient eggs incubator is automatic in temperature, humidity, alarm and egg turning control
2). Theses egg incubator is all suitable for incubation and hatching.
3). We use color plate housing for incubator’s appearance and adopt seesaw egg turning structure.
4). Intelligent Hatch Controller
5). Add Water to machine bottom.
This incubator is suitable for the families and specialized households to incubate chickens, ducks And geese, etc. This machine is produced according to the testing requirements of CE technoloystandard of EU, and has good reputation from
The peasants in the rural area of eastern Europeancountries. The machine has the characteristics of strong practicality, simple operation and Long service life.

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This is a automatic mini incubator available with precise proportional electronic temperature control. This chicken egg incubator is a simple but high quality egg incubator which gives reliable hatching results of a wide range of species. It is economical to buy, and extremely simple to use-ideal for the beginners or children. It is a great incubator for the hatching eggs in the classroom or for a science project. The temperature is factory preset at 99.5F with easy tamperproof adjustment. It has a flashing temperature indicator and conventional but accurate liquid in glass thermometer. It is fan assisted air circulation, and has excellent visibility. The humidity is provided by water trays, this incubator is not suitable for use with the automatic humidity pump.


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