Capacity 1056 Eggs Full hatcher full setter hatchery, hatching duck, birds, turkey AC/DC power automatic incubator


  • The incubator is made of stainless steel, and the appearance and quality of the aluminum alloy edge are further guaranteed. The double-layer insulating glass has better heat insulation performance and saves power. Large Capacity: the digital Incubators holds 1056-1212 eggs and is easy to clean and simple to use with instructions included. New upgrade safety and lightning protection Shock function, Even if the machine is used in thunderstorms, it is not afraid of the power failure of the machine
  • Automatic egg turning system: does not damage the breeding eggs. The power of the egg turning system comes from a brushless motor. Compared with the bushing motor, it is quieter, more powerful, sustainable and stable egg turning, and improves the hatching rate; the upgraded seven-screen LED display is more Clear, lighting turn the egg, control the temperature, the actual temperature is clearly visible.
  • Intelligent Temperature And Humidity Warning: Eggs incubator built-in fan to circulate the air, efficiently distribute the heat evenly throughout the incubator, with function of abnormal temperature and humidity alarm, reduce the loss of your mistakes during the incubation process.
  • Innovative dual system: when the main system fails, the auxiliary control system will automatically start to ensure incubation, with high stability, and solve the problem of failure during the incubation process; temperature and humidity probe, measuring density of about 0.09%, control accuracy of about 4.9%RH, and more accurate control data , Real-time monitoring of incubation data to ensure safe incubation.
  • Automatic water supply, coal and electricity dual-purpose system: The automatic water supply system is designed according to the principle of natural gravity.  for more information call us on 0727087285  


  • full hatcher full setter
  • power400w/240vAC
  • fully automatic hatchery
  • Fully automatic turning of eggs
  • Fully automatic control of temperature and humidity
  • Full automatic alarming
  • 1 year warranty
  • Back up generator
  • Discounted offer
  • free delivery countrywide
  • Commercial automatic incubator coming with digital display automatic control of temperature and humidity, egg tray turning of eggs every 2 hours, water refill system, qualify for hatching chicks, turkey, ducks, quail, birds, geese and many more poultry eggs, full instruction and guides on how to hatch eggs, for more information call us on 0727087285


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