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Maize Hurrer(Muthokoi) combined Posho


  • Maize huller polishes maize by removing the bran through friction as it passes through the chamber between the emery roller and standard size sieve.
  • The operator will thereafter collect maize husks and muthokoi from two different outlets
  • Also used to make No 1 Shifted maize meal
  • The bran us used for making feeds
  • Maize hullers require low maintenance and lower operational costs and does not need any skilled labour force to operate the machinery.
  • Superior quality emery roller polishes maize and removes the bran with ease and it lasts for years.
  • Originally muthokoi which is a favourite dish among the Kamba community.
  • According to Elimu Asilia Organisation on indigenous knowledge, making muthokoi entailed removing the outer skin of the maize grains by using a pestle ‘muthi’ and a wooden mortar ‘ndii’.


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