Digital 56 Egg Incubator Hatcher Temperature Control Automatic Turning with Built-in LED Candler

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  • Temperature Control Automatic Turning with Built-in LED Candler
  • 220 V power consumption with solar option
  • Over 98% Hatching rate
  • Automatic egg turning.
  • Digital temperature control.
  • LED display temperature/humidit/hatching days.
  • Temperature alarm/humidity alarm(when going out setted range)

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his egg incubator is widely used in families and specialized households to incubate chicken, ducks and geese,etc.
Equipped with fully digital intelligent control system, humidity ,temperature and incubation days can be controlled and
displayed simultaneously on LCD. Compared to other incubators, ours has one-touch candling function for observing
incubation condition of eggs clearly without taking them out.

Automatic turn egg function for heating evenly.
Basket-style hollow egg tray provides good air circulation.
Alarm of over temperature and humidity for protecting eggs.
Precise temperature and humidity sensors for easy control.
Multi-compartment sink for adding water according to different position of eggs.

Voltage: 110V
Power: 80W
Eggs capacity: 56
Auto egg turning: Every 2 hours
Control system: Fully digital intelligent control system
Product Size: approx.54.3 X 51.5 X 25.8cm

For Chicken, Duck, Pigeon eggs, ect.
(We don’t recommend put differnt kinds of eggs into incubator to hatch at the same time,
because thier hatch time is different.)

Large capacity

  • You can put 56 eggs in this egg incubator. And that it’s very easy to use and clean
  • Suitable for Chickens, Ducks, Geese and Other Poultry, Quail, Parrot, Pigeons and Other Birds

Incubation Process

  • The transparent lid lets you observe the process of egg hatching
  • Illuminate all the eggs at once by pressing one button

3 reviews for Digital 56 Egg Incubator Hatcher Temperature Control Automatic Turning with Built-in LED Candler

  1. Mkulima wa Ecochicks

    Perfect hatching

  2. Johnson Muya

    Good morning,I am looking for an incubator for 48 eggs that can use either solar or electricity.

    Kindly what solutions do you have.

    • Mkulima wa Ecochicks

      We have 56 eggs incubator. Call us on 0727087285

  3. Collins Mwangi

    Please the manual is difficult to read
    Kindly make a copy of the manual that is easy to follow through

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