128 new model rollers incubator for chicken ,ducks ,turkey etc

Original price was: KSh25,000.00.Current price is: KSh20,000.00.

  • LED Display: LED displays temperature, humidity, hatching day, egg turning time.
  • AUTOMATIC TURNING: Automatic egg turning every 1.5 hours, built-in fan to circulate the air for even temperature and humidity.
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Hatching Eggs Storing Temperature 20℃ ~ 40℃.
  • Transparent Walls For Easy Observation, Watching Birds Birth.
  • WIDELY USED: Suitable for Chickens, Ducks, Geese and Other Poultry, Quail, Parrot, Pigeons and Other Birds.

Product description



–With Testing Light

–Automatic water intake

–Allow 128pcs eggs to put in

–Good heat preservation and energy-saving performance

–Support automatic egg turning

–Convenient temperature control for instant grasp or adjustment of inner temperature

–easy operation

  • Dual power supply: not afraid of power outage, battery line is configured in dual power supply, 12V battery can be connected after power failure, red is connected to positive pole, black is connected to negative pole (please reverse)
  • Automatic flipping: automatic egg turning can effectively reduce the death of chicks that are difficult to produce, and effectively increase the rate of hatching.
  • Alarm function: When the temperature and humidity in the box are out of the normal range, the alarm function is automatically activated.
  • Temperature Control – Equipped with a computer-controlled system with full intelligence including LED temperature display panel.
  • Incubation use-Suitable for eggs like chicken, dove, quail or other little fertile bird eggs

Product description


The automatic poultry incubator is our daily life.
It not only meets the date requirements of scientific research, but also helps to develop children’s curiosity.

Product specifications:

Intelligent System: Smart PID
Size: 53cm * 53cm * 36cm
Power: 80-120W
Scope of application: hatching chicken, ducks and other poultry and birds such as crickets, parrots and pigeons

The package includes:
1 x incubator
1 user manual

Note: After use, clean the incubator and keep it dry.


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