528 brand new fully automatic egg incubator with digital LED display and controllers

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Main Feature of Solar Egg Incubator
1. Digital displaying of temperature, humidity and turning frequency
2. Full automatically temperature, humidity, egg turning controlling
3. Full automatically cooling and ventilator
4. Full automatically alarm ( Back emergency system )
5. Microcomputer, completely automatic incubator
6. Using coal  , electricity two heating method
7. Hatching rate more than 95%.

 Material of Solar Egg Incubator
1.Exterior structure in colorful steel plate
2.The edge covered by aluminum alloy.

Product Type : ECO-528II ( Egg Incubator )

power: 400W

Total Weight : 90kg

Voltage : 220V /240VA

Measurement Accuracy : <=0.1°C,

Product appearance : High-grade polymer material
Applicable : Chicken, duck, bird, goose,quail and so on
Egg capacity : 528 chicken eggs

Accessories :  Protective foam, incubators, power cable, manual

Product Features : 1.Temperature and humidity control

2.Automatic alarm system

3.Automatic egg  turning system(per 2 hours)

                                  4.Using coal , electricity two heating method

Product Description

These professional incubators are very stable, energy-efficient and provide excellent hatching results. They’re equipped with a very sturdy egg turning mechanism that can hold different egg trays depending on the type of eggs to be incubated. Both temperature and humidity within the incubator are fully automatically maintained and easily set on the digital control panel. The necessary humidity levels are maintained by a heating element within the water tank along with a fan which instantly pulls out the necessary humidity if it gets too high. The second powerful fan takes care of even temperature on the inside of the incubator.

The intelligent control panel offers a wide range of settings:
– temperature
– humidity level
– temperature and humidity alarm settings
– max and min temperature setting limits
– egg turning speed and frequency
– ventilation time and frequency
– temperature sensor calibration
– humidity sensor calibration.



EC0 528

Product Abstract:

Egg incubator, Capacity: 528 chicken eggs, Voltage: 220V, Power: 200W, Net size: 0.93*0.65*1.1m, Net volume: 0.66cbm, Precision of temperature control: 0.1, Usage: chicken, duck, goose, quail, turkey, etc, total more than 10 kinds of eggs, Package: 1 unit/carton/wooden box, Hatchability: about 95%, Application: farm and home,


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