64 new make automatic egg incubator with auto turnings and digital controllers

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  • 64 MEDIUM LARGE EGGS/100 QUAIL EGGS, ROLLING TYPE EGG INCUBATOR : Its capacity is up to 64 medium/large eggs.It is rolling type egg incubator and has high hatching rate.
  • DIGITAL DISPLAY : HATCHPRO-64R is designed to be simple and straight forward to use, at the same time offering innovative technical solutions and high reliability like digital display , inbuilt egg candler and high grade plastic material .
  • LESS HEAT , HUMIDITY LOSS : Incubator provides with provision of Openings to fill the water basins from the outside without opening the incubator, thus preventing the heat and humidity loss
  • FULLY AUTOMATIC INCUBATOR :- It can control temperature and egg turning automatically . Turn egg tray in every 2 hours
  • WORK ON AC/DC AND FREE SMALL FEEDER , DRINKER , EGG CANDLER : -Ths Hatchpro Incubator support dual power as as well as battery dc power supply. This incubator comes with small free drinker , feeder and egg candler . It has alarm also
1.Intelligent Temperature Control System & LED Display
The temperature can be adjusted and the value of temperature can be displayed on the LED screen.
2.PCT Heating
The incubator adopts the design of two uniform temperature fans,which ensures uniform heating, increases service life, reduces power consumption and it can also protect the circuit in a sudden situation.
3.Exquisite Design
Transparent and compact body can cultivate children’s interest.It is the best choice to educational activities, hobbies or a home based hatchery(chicken, pheasant, quail and turtle eggs)
4.Flume Design
The bottom flume design can add the corresponding amount of water according to the required temperature, which can ensure the humidity of each area is within the normal range.
5.No Noise
When the incubator works, it can reduce noise and will not affect your daily life and rest.
7.Energy Efficient & Environmentally Friendly


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