Small Used Solar Eggs Incubator

Specification of Solar Eggs Incubator Hatching Machine

Egg turning angle
Egg turning cycleCooling ventilation cycle
37.5 ~ 38 Degrees Celsius60 – 70%
90 minutes90 minutes

Features of Solar Eggs Incubator Hatching Machine

  • Digital displaying of temperature, humidity and turning frequency.
  • Full automatically temperature, humidity, egg turning controlling.
  • Full automatically cooling and ventilator.
  • Full automatically alarm.
  • Chicken egg tray, bird egg tray, duck egg tray, goose egg tray, pigeon egg tray are all made of plastics, they are replaceable.So, if you want to hatch different eggs, you just need to change the egg trays for the incubator
  • After 18 days incubating, the eggs may break, chicks will get out of its eggshell,
    You need stop egg turning, stop keeping the chicken eggs in the egg trays,
    and you should put the eggs in the hatcher basket at that time.

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