Turkey eggs for sale

Turkey eggs are eggs laid by domestic turkeys. They are generally larger than chicken eggs, with an average weight of around 80-100 grams (3-3.5 ounces) per egg. However, turkey eggs are not as commonly consumed as chicken eggs, and they are usually more expensive and harder to find.

We suggest you try the following options to find out where you can purchase turkey eggs in Kenya:

  1. Check with local poultry farmers or suppliers who may have turkeys and could sell their eggs.
  2. Visit local farmers’ markets, grocery stores, or supermarkets that may sell turkey eggs or could direct you to a supplier.
  3. Check with online marketplaces such as Jumia, jiji or Kilimall, which may have suppliers of turkey eggs listed on their platform.
  4. Reach out to local poultry associations or farming organizations for recommendations on where to buy turkey eggs.

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