Types of hen in Kenya

Broiler, kuroiler and improved kienyeji is available in Ecochicks

The different between broiler and layers

Broiler are reared to obtain meat whereas an laying poultry is called layers. Broiler have fast growth rate, therefore they need protein rich food with sufficient fat. Layers need fewer proteins and fats in their food. vitamin A and k are provided in larger quantities. Kenya has made significant progress in broiler production in the past few years. It has high quality chicks, latest equipment, vaccines and medicines. Kenya is the largest producer of eggs and largest producer of poultry broiler in the world. broiler farming has been given significant importance in the poultry farming and it has a good scope for further development in the future.

Kuroiler chicken

It is easy to identify your kuroiler chicken, kuroiler chickens have white and grey specks, which makes them well camouflaged. All the same, you can see in other colorful kuroilers. Kuroilers chickens have unique genetic features, the kuroiler chickens are highly resistant to deseases.

Feeding kuroiler chicken

The feed can be made locally and given to your kuroiler birds as an alternative to traditional milled feeds to significantly cut your production costs. you can use maize/corn grain, 1kg of maize when it is produced to sprouting grain will become 6-7kg of fodder. In addition to the usual feeds, you can add the greens.

kuroiler maturity

The kuroiler chickens will mature in 10 weeks compared to other ordinary birds which can take as many as months before they mature. At maturity, the kuroiler chickens will weigh up to 3.5kgs which makes them better than broilers which generally weigh 2.0 to 2.5kgs at maturity.

Kuroiler Egg production

It is a dual purpose breed. It is a hardy breed that can live on just eating agricultural and kitchen waste. Most indigenous chickens lay an average of 40 eggs per year, while kuroiler lay about 150 eggs per year, while only feeding on agricultural and kitchen leftovers.

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