What are the different types of egg incubators and their features? Leave a comment

Still-air incubators:

These incubators have no fans and rely on natural air circulation to keep the temperature and humidity consistent. They are simpler and less expensive but require more manual intervention.

Forced-air incubators:

These incubators have fans that circulate air evenly throughout the incubator, which makes temperature and humidity control easier and more precise. They are more expensive but require less manual intervention.

Cabinet incubators:

These are larger incubators that can hold a large number of eggs and have advanced features like automatic egg turning, humidity control, and temperature control.

Tabletop incubators:

These are smaller incubators that can be placed on a tabletop and are suitable for hatching small batches of eggs.

Mini incubators:

These are compact incubators that are designed for hatching a few eggs at a time and are ideal for hobbyists or small-scale farmers.

Combination incubators:

These are incubators that can function as both an incubator and a hatcher, making it possible to incubate and hatch eggs in the same unit.

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