What are the reasons for a high rate of piped eggs that do not hatch

Piped eggs might not hatch due to the following reasons:
  • Eggs have been stored for too long or at too low or too high a temperature before incubation.
  • Improper setting of eggs in incubation trays with the small end up.
Piped eggs might not hatch due to setting the smaller end of the eggs up
  • Wrong turning angle of the egg in the incubator
  • Improper incubation parameters: too high or too low temperature or humidity or insufficient egg turning during the incubation period.
  • Improper ventilation during any or all of the incubation period, and especially during hatching.
  • Improper nutrition of breeders: the use of mouldy feed or feed lacking micronutrients
  • Parent flock is diseased (Samonellosis, Mycoplasmosis, Collibacillosis)
  • Inbreeding can cause weak chicks resulting in higher pips.
  • Rough handling when eggs are transferred from the incubator to the hatcher can cause mal-positioned embryos that will pip but not hatch.
  • (Eggs should be put in one layer in hatching trays of not high density to allow the eggs to rotate during piping).

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