1056 Eggs Automatic Incubator

This is a new type 1056 eggs incubator. It comes accompanied by free generator for back up purposes in case of power blackout. It has fully automatic humidity, temperature, turning, ventilation control.

1056 Eggs Automatic Incubator Features
  • Micro-computer controlled on temperature & humidity;
  • Energy can be electricity ,generator or solar
  • Automatic egg turning, automatic alarm on temperature & humidity.
  • Full automatic,guarantee three years,extra free spare parts for you
  • Circulation fan at back, have a good hatch rate
  • New material, high quality

Suitable for all kinds of poultry eggs, such as chickens, pigeons, Quail, duck. Turkeys, emu, geese, peacocks, ostrich, snake, etc.

Two fans, bigger one is the centre heating system which need to be Working t al times, smaller one is automatic controlling high temperature.

There are a light inside in chicken egg incubator for hatching eggs, you can use it When you need

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