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Buy egg incubators and poultry hatchers at best prices and offers in Kenya from Ecochicks with free shipment countrywide suitable for incubating almost all kind of eggs including chickens, ducks, gooses, turkey. etc.

60 eggs incubator
60 Eggs Digital Incubators With Manual Turning

Ksh 12,000

1056 Eggs Automatic Incubator
528 Chicken Eggs Automatic Incubator

Ksh 60,000

2112 Egg Incubator, Digital Fully Automatic

Ksh 130,000

176 poultry incubator in Kenya

Ksh 39,000

264 Eggs Automatic Chicken Incubator

Ksh 49,000

1056 Automatic Egg Incubator with LED display

Ksh 80,000

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