Ecochicks eggs incubator is an electrical device that helps to automatically regulate temperature, humidity and turning to hatch eggs.

 incubators in kenya and prices
What types of incubators do we have in Kenya

We have solar eggs incubators as well as electrical eggs incubators

Which sizes of incubator available in the Kenyan market

Egg incubator sizes in kenyan market range from 64 eggs solar incubator to 5184 eggs incubator

Which is better between solar eggs incubator and electrical eggs incubators

Depends with power demand of the egg incubator. Mini incubators require little power and it is easier to use power. However bin incubators have medium power consumption and better suited for main power.

What are incubators in kenya and prices

64 Eggs-incubators with 2 Circulation Units 18,000.00
128 Eggs-incubators with 2 Circulation Units 25,000.00
192 Eggs incubators with 2 Circulation Units 34,000.00
528 Eggs Incubator Double function 55,000.00
1056 Eggs Incubator Double function 70,000.00
1232 Eggs Incubator Double function 80,000.00
1320 Eggs Incubator Double function 100,000.00
1584 Eggs Incubator Single function 110,000.00
2112 Eggs Incubator Double Function 125,000.00

Reliable egg incubators with low prices in Kenya

Raising chickens is not an easy task but if you have the right egg incubator, your egg fertilization can be way easier. Egg incubators with low prices are a lot better at hatching eggs than hens.

For instance, single hen could hatch approximately 20-30 eggs each year but if you use an egg incubator to hatch the eggs laid by that same hen, you could possibly hatch 200-300 eggs.

The reason behind this is that a broody hen will stop laying until she has hatched her eggs and reared her young. There are a lot of external factors too that hinder the hatching cycle of a hen.

Incubators have a motor and a fan which keep up with the required temperature. Inside the incubator, eggs are placed inside a tray which are turned at least three times a day on specific temperature.

This device is great for hatching eggs. They are available in different brands and different sizes in Kenya and with the help of these, you can easily raise your chicks.

Incubators Available Online in Kenya

Egg Incubator is a device that artificially performs the role of a broody hen.

It helps in regulating temperature and humidity at perfect levels therefore creating such ideal conditions which allows the chick to grow inside the fertilized egg and the presence of the hen is really not needed.

Different companies offer different sizes, models, and prices. In order to help you make the best decision for your chicken raising future, simply log on to and purchase Egg Incubators as per your budget and requirement.

Looking up for egg incubators online? Ecochicks egg incubator online store has the best quality egg incubators that ranges from small scale incubators of eggs to a bit large scale egg incubation systems.

Egg incubators prices in Kenya varies depending upon the quality, brand, and the size of an egg incubator. The lowest price for egg incubator on Ecochicks Poultry Kenya starts @ Ksh 12,000.

60 Egg Manual Incubator Price in Kenya startsKsh 12,000
64 Egg Automatic Solar Incubator Price in Kenya startsKsh 18,000
128 Egg Automatic Solar Incubator Price in Kenya startsKsh 25,000
192 Egg Automatic Solar Incubator Price in Kenya startsKsh 35,000
300 Egg Automatic Solar Incubator Price in Kenya startsKsh 54,000
528 Egg Automatic Incubator Price in Kenya startsKsh 60,000
1056 Egg Automatic Incubator Price in Kenya startsKsh 80,000