Egg production with modern poultry equipment in Kenya

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Our business for decades, we have been designing and distributing equipment for modern egg production countrywide. Everything started when the big Dutchman founders invented the countrywide first automatic, The hatching process is a beautiful process. In just three weeks, an egg transforms from what is essentially similar to a fertilized table egg into a live, complete chick. the climax of this transformation- through the dark, behind closed doors, the beauty and relevance of the hatching process.

What are the important factors for egg incubation to be successful

The main factors are of major important in incubating egg artificially- temperature, humidity, ventilation and turning. of the factors, temperature is the mot critical.

What is the purpose of an egg incubator

Fertile eggs can be hatched by using an egg incubator. An egg incubator is an enclosed structure with a fan and heater to keep eggs warm during the 21-days incubation period.

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