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Broilers in Ecochicks

Broilers are the chickens that are bred mainly for the purpose of meat production. many Kenyans go into poultry farming majority to breed chickens are sell them later. This is a lucrative business that has been gaining more attention in Kenya over the years. A lot of Kenyans have seen the opportunity in this business and are investing in it. for an intelligent person seeking a form of business to venture into which will take the form of a part -time job and also provide maximum profit, every man can provide for his needs and that of his family to survive the harsh times of the present economy. As it is totally there are lots of testimonies on how lucrative broiler farming have been and how it has transformed the lives of its poultry farmers in Kenya from poverty to riches in a crumbling economy. Lets come together and build our economy and change the living standards of Kenyans.

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