How to set the eggs inside the incubator

Step 1: Practice Proper Hygiene

  • Objective: Minimize the risk of contaminating the eggs.
  • Instructions:
    • Wash your hands thoroughly before and after handling the eggs.
  • Pro Tip: Avoid using strongly scented soaps or lotions that could transfer unwanted smells to the eggs.

Step 2: Candle the Eggs

  • Objective: Inspect the eggs for any imperfections.
  • Instructions:
    • Carefully use a candling light to check for cracked shells or double yolks.
  • Pro Tip: Do this in a dark room for better visibility of the egg’s contents.

Step 3: Mark the Eggs

  • Objective: Track individual egg progress during incubation.
  • Instructions:
    • Number each egg on the larger end using a pencil or wax crayon.
  • Pro Tip: Keep a record of each egg’s number and any observations throughout the incubation.

Step 4: Indicate Egg Position

  • Objective: Keep track of egg rotation.
  • Instructions:
    • Mark one side of the egg with an “X” and the other with an “O”.
  • Pro Tip: This helps you remember which eggs have been turned each day.

Step 5: Allow Eggs to Reach Room Temperature

  • Objective: Prevent temperature shock to the eggs.
  • Instructions:
    • Let the eggs sit at room temperature for two hours before placing them in the incubator.
    • If not incubating immediately, store them at 50-60°F, but not in the refrigerator.
  • Pro Tip: Timing is important; begin Day One of incubation the morning after placing the eggs in the incubator if done in the late afternoon.

Step 6: Place Eggs in the Incubator

  • Objective: Ensure proper orientation for incubation.
  • Instructions:
    • Position the eggs in the incubator with the “O” end down and the “X” end up.
  • Pro Tip: This position helps the embryo develop correctly.

Step 7: Maintain a Stable Environment

  • Objective: Allow the eggs to acclimate and start developing.
  • Instructions:
    • Do not adjust the incubator temperature during the first 48 hours.
  • Pro Tip: The eggs will naturally give off heat as they begin to develop.

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