Hydroponics fodder for poultry

Poultry feed is some of the most expensive livestock feed on the market, making hydroponically grown fodder an easy choice for poultry producers. Sprouted fodder is considered a complete ration for poultry and contains all of the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed for optimal meat and egg production. Fodder Pro Feed Systems allow any size poultry operation to grow their own feed year round in a compact growing area, with minimal labor. Feeding fodder to poultry, from broilers to layers, will significantly reduce feed costs and improve the quality of poultry products.

fodder system

Fodder Benefits

Poultry thrive on fresh vegetation. Feeding fodder will result in higher profitability across the farm, from reduced out-of-pocket feed costs to increased cash flow from products sold as grass fed or organic. The nutritional composition of fodder makes it a full feed option for poultry and will improve their overall health and performance.

Incorporating fodder into poultry diets will result in these benefits:

  • Better quality eggs with deeper yolk color
  • Enhanced egg taste
  • Reduced sticky droppings
  • Higher quality meat with better texture
  • Improved health and energy levels

Types of Feed


Legumes are high in protein and energy making them an ideal feed choice for poultry. Protein is a principle concern in feeding programs for both layers and broilers, as it is key in egg production and weight gain.

Cereal Grains

These sprouts are naturally balanced in protein, energy and fiber and are excellent for poultry feed. Grains, such as barley, are higher in fiber than corn-based feeds and have 95% of the energy of corn.


Seeds can be mixed together to provide a more nutritionally balanced ration. Sprouts like soybeans are highly digestible and are high in energy, protein and fat. Soybeans are also high in amino acids, vitamins and minerals to support excellent growth and egg production

Grow it Anywhere

The Ecochicks Fodder System comes complete with everything you need to start growing fresh, healthy livestock feed today. The next consideration is where the system will be housed. With a few environmental modifications, fodder can be grown anywhere. We can outfit any space with everything you need to make the environment suitable for growing fodder hydroponically. From a barn or outbuilding to a garage or basement, no matter where there is space to grow, We can design the environmental controls necessary to make it work for your operation. Our expert fodder specialists will work with you to find the right products to suit your needs and budget.

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