KARI improved kienyeji chicks for sale

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At Ecochicks Poultry Ltd we sell Kari improved kienyeji chicks for sale starting from day old, 1 week old, 2 weeks, 3 weeks to 2 months old. Our chicks are healthy and vaccinated accordingly.

Age of ChicksPrice
3 Days old Kari improved chicksKsh 100
1 Week old Kari improved chicksKsh 130
2 Weeks old Kari improved chicksKsh 170
3 Weeks old Kari improved chicksKsh 200
1 Month old Kari improved chickenKsh 240
2 Months old Kari improved chickenKsh 300
  • Meat and eggs are tastier and preferred by most consumers to those obtained from commercial breeds.
  • Initial investment is less than that needed to keep commercial breeds.
  • More tolerant of harsh conditions, including diseases, than commercial breeds.
  • Can be fed on cheap, locally available feeds.
  • When allowed to range freely, they need little feeding or other care.
  • Women and youth often control income from chickens.
  • Local markets are readily available for both eggs and chickens.
  • Droppings are rich in nutrients: can be used for compost making, pond fertilizing and as feed for livestock.

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    Charles Mutuku Muthini- says:

    Hi have gone through the article for Kari kienyeji and and interested with this farming. My question is where can I purchase Kari kienyeji eggs for hatching?

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      ECOCHICKS Farmer says:

      Hi Charles, Kari fertilized eggs can be brought KARLO itself or from local farmers close to you. Thanks

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