KARI improved kienyeji chicks for sale

At Ecochicks Poultry Ltd we sell Kari improved kienyeji chicks for sale starting from day old, 1 week old, 2 weeks, 3 weeks to 2 months old. Our chicks are healthy and vaccinated accordingly.

Age of ChicksPrice
3 Days old Kari improved chicksKsh 100
1 Week old Kari improved chicksKsh 130
2 Weeks old Kari improved chicksKsh 170
3 Weeks old Kari improved chicksKsh 200
1 Month old Kari improved chickenKsh 240
2 Months old Kari improved chickenKsh 300
  • Meat and eggs are tastier and preferred by most consumers to those obtained from commercial breeds.
  • Initial investment is less than that needed to keep commercial breeds.
  • More tolerant of harsh conditions, including diseases, than commercial breeds.
  • Can be fed on cheap, locally available feeds.
  • When allowed to range freely, they need little feeding or other care.
  • Women and youth often control income from chickens.
  • Local markets are readily available for both eggs and chickens.
  • Droppings are rich in nutrients: can be used for compost making, pond fertilizing and as feed for livestock.

10 thoughts on “KARI improved kienyeji chicks for sale”

  1. Charles Mutuku Muthini-

    Hi have gone through the article for Kari kienyeji and and interested with this farming. My question is where can I purchase Kari kienyeji eggs for hatching?

    1. ECOCHICKS Farmer

      Hi Charles, Kari fertilized eggs can be brought KARLO itself or from local farmers close to you. Thanks

    1. Hi Joe, we are located at Wakulima House, KPCU Building, 1st Floor, Haile Selassie Avenue. Nairobi, Kenya.

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