kienyeji chicken farming manual

Kienyeji chicken farming manual 7

Kienyeji chicken, also known as indigenous or native chickens, are a popular choice for small-scale poultry farming in Kenya due to their ability to thrive in free-range systems and their resistance to diseases. Here are some tips for starting a kienyeji chicken farm in Kenya:

  1. Choose a suitable site: Select a location that has access to clean water and is free from predators. The site should also have good drainage to prevent the buildup of water, which can create a breeding ground for diseases.
  2. Build a strong and secure chicken coop: A strong, well-ventilated chicken coop is essential for the health and well-being of your chickens. Make sure to include nesting boxes and perches inside the coop.
  3. Provide proper nutrition: Kienyeji chickens are omnivorous and will eat a variety of foods, including grains, insects, and greens. It’s important to provide a balanced diet to ensure the chickens are healthy and produce high-quality eggs.
  4. Keep the coop clean: Regularly cleaning the coop and disposing of any waste or excess bedding will help prevent the spread of diseases.
  5. Monitor for signs of illness: Keep an eye out for any unusual behavior or changes in the appearance of your chickens, as these could be signs of illness. If you suspect that your chickens are sick, it’s important to isolate them and seek veterinary treatment as soon as possible.
  6. Practice good biosecurity measures: To prevent the spread of diseases, it’s important to quarantine any new birds before introducing them to your existing flock and to avoid mixing birds from different sources.

By following these tips, you can successfully raise a healthy flock of kienyeji chickens on your farm in Kenya.


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