Poultry farming business in Kenya is very profitable but needs to be done by the book to realize this profit. The Beginner’s Guide to Improved Kienyeji and Exotic Chicken Farming in Kenya covers improved kienyeji chicken farming, layers, broilers and general poultry production.

The Beginner’s Guide to Improved Kienyeji and Exotic Chicken Farming in Kenya focuses on providing information, tips and advice to help you start and operate a profitable chicken raring business in Kenya

Some of most important topics we cover in this African Poultry Guide include:

  • Chicken breed
  • Types of housing
  • Housing enviroments and locations
  • General conditions for housing
  • Housing equipments, drinkers, feeders nests and lighting
  • Types of watering systems
  • types of feeding systems
  • Feed compositionkienyeji chicken farming manual
  • Nutrients requirements
  • Feeding methods
  • How to feed poultry
  • How to make your own feeds
  • Feed formulations
  • diseases their cause
  • vaccination programs for broilers and layers
    Poultry hygine
  • Hatching chickes
  • Brooding and raising chickes
  • poultry management
  • poultry products including egg,meat,manure and wastes
  • Poultry farm records
  • culling
  • debeaking
  • vaccination
  • feed consumption and administration
  • cost and revenue estimation of layers
  • income estimation of broilers and Kienyeji 

and many more here. The guide costs ksh 700. Call 0727087285 to order



  1. Thanks for the info.can I get the kienyeji improved chicks in Eldoret?

  2. wanted to know the drugs that i should use to spary for [viroboto]

  3. Do you have a branch in Nanyuki ? I would like to visit.

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