2 weeks old chicks kuroiler and improved kienyeji


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Take this opportunity to order your Kuroiler poultry products directly from our dedicated Kuroiler farms. You can buy Fertilized Eggs, Kuroiler One (1) day Old Chicks, One Week old birds or One month old birds. You can also order adult chicken for eating at the comfort of your home or Mobile Gadget and it would be delivered to your door step. for more information call us on 0727087285

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How long do Kuroilers take to start laying eggs

five months
Early Maturity – Kuroiler chickens start laying eggs at five months. At four months, they are ready to be sold as broilers. Higher production than their kienyeji counterparts – When they start laying1 eggs at five months, Kuroiler chicken lay continuously for two years. for more information call us on 0727087285
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