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Hatching incubator for 128 capacity with automatic controls and setters

Original price was: KSh25,000.00.Current price is: KSh20,000.00.

Suitable for family, laboratory, farm, for a variety of incubation.
All-digital intelligent control system, precise control of temperature.
Accommodates up to 56 eggs, easy for observation.
The inside temperature and humidity are exceeded, it will automatically activate the alarm function.
Can turn eggs automatically every 2 hours.
One water bottle for adding water accurately and conveniently.
LED display shows temperature, humidity, hatching day and egg turning countdown time.

Fully automatic hatching machine solar powered chicken eggs incubators;
Easy to clean;
Automatic temperature control;
Automatic turning of eggs;
Fan for air circulation;
LED display: temperature;
Alarm of over or under temperature for protecting eggs.
Dual power supply design: Don’t worry about power outage,
you can use 12V battery power suppy.(not include battery)


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