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96 Digital Egg Incubator Hatcher Clear Temperature Control Automatic Turning New 220V

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96 chiecken eggs incubator  machine is used to hatching poultry egg incubator such as chicken ,duck, goose birds and other animal eggs , above is the all the parameter about the hatching process scheduel ,you need to confirm the data during the hatching process

96 chicken egg incubator

  • Test your incubator to see if it functions properly.
  • Connect the egg turner plug to the control plug inside the egg compartment.
  • Fill one or both water channels depending on local humidity levels.
  • Set the eggs with the pointy side down.
  • Close the lid and switch on the incubator.
  • Press the reset button (left green button) to reset and start the day counter from “0”. (this will also rest the egg turning countdown back to 1:59).
  • Keep an eye on the humidity reading and fill the water channels when needed.(normally every 4 days).
  • At day 18 you should remove the tray with the turning mechanism and place the eggs on top of he bottom grid.

96 chiecken eggs incubator is designed with transparent frosted cover, at the time of incubation, hatching process can observe all the incubator. In addition, we also do the traditional incubator can’t do a function.This product can add water from outside, breaking the traditional incubator steps need to open the machine cover with water.Reduce the customer’s trouble.The hatching and incubator has been in a closed state, not because of the need to add water and the influence of temperature and humidity inside the machine.Greatly increase the rate of the young hatched out.

96 eggs incubator specifications

Capacity96 eggs
UseageChicken, Bird, Ostrich,Turkey, Goose, Duck and so on
Voltage or plugwill be available as your requirement
MaterialTransparency Plastic
  •  it is important to fill both water channels to increase the humidity. (this is very important to ensure that the eggshells are soft enough for the chicks to break through.)
  • You should never open the lid when the chicks start to hatch. If you do, the loss of humidity will cause the eggshells of the unhatched eggs to dry out and they won’table to break through the egg .

9 reviews for 96 Digital Egg Incubator Hatcher Clear Temperature Control Automatic Turning New 220V

  1. Rotich

    This incubator is good for small scale farmers

  2. Margaret

    Thank you Ecochicks Poultry

  3. nelson

    interested in the 96 capacity incubator

    • Mkulima wa Ecochicks

      call us on 0272087285

  4. Joash Shamuleo

    Hello, Where can I buy one?Please advice me your sale point in Western Kenya region.



    • Mkulima wa Ecochicks

      We can do deliveries countrywide. call us 0727087285


    I need to purchase incubator at least 20000/= below ,is it availble

  7. Francis Keitany

    want to buy the one for 96 eggs incubator in kabarnet/ nakuru where are you located here

    • Mkulima wa Ecochicks

      We are at Wakulima House 3rd floor. call us on 0727087285

  8. Nick Petrus

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  9. Umar Ali

    The incubator humidity keeps stalling at 40 even with all the water channels filled. I live at the coast and the humidity is 27%. What is tge solution to my problem? I have already lost eggs as they git spoiled to very low humidity on the first week

    • ECOCHICKS Farmer

      Hi Umar, kindly call us on 0727 087 285 for more assistance on the matter. Thanks

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