528 brand new automatic egg incubator with LED display

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Key Features
  • Fully Automatic Incubator
  • Over 99% hatch Rate
  • Voltage: 220-250V
  • Automatic Eggs Turning
  • Free 1Kw Backup Generator
  • Made of durable imported material
Are you looking for a lucrative business to invest your Money in.Invest in poultry business.The demand of commercial chicken (whole, half, parts, grilled and fried chicken) and eggs is high and growing. The opportunities and the challenges in the Kenyan poultry sector are: High demand for poultry.A high demand for poultry products in the country’s major urban areas has greatly fueled the industry to thrive, with local hatcheries struggling to cope with the current demand by farmers for day-old chicks.Product description:We are a trusted name to offer a vast range of incubators,Hatchers,Brooders,Setters,Incubator spare parts,Eggs,Chicks and much more poultry products.Our incubators are manufactured using high-grade material procured from the reliable vendors. Resistant to corrosion, these are widely acknowledged among our valued patrons. Owing to their tensile strength, these offered poultry incubators are highly durable in their features.

Product Specifications

  • 528 Eggs Capacity,with 6 setters each holding 88 Eggs each setter
  • Automatic egg-turning:This incubator is fitted with One powerful 1/2 Hp turning motor which ensure maximum thrust and reliability .
  • Ventilation Control our incubator is fitted with 1 automatic ventilation fans which automatically detects when temperature exceeds the required and pump out the hot air and pump in cold air to balance the temperature inside the incubator to required temperature
  • Our incubator are fitted with 1000watts heaters that ensure temperature inside the incubator is heat to required temperature automatically
  • Automatic temperature control;Our incubator are fitted with powerful thermostat that helps keep the temperature inside the incubator with the required 37.5 degrees C temperature.This is the ideal temperature required for egg hatching.
  • Automatic humidity control:Our incubators are fitted with hygrometer that automatically detects level of humidity in the incubator and adjust it to required level.
  • Powerful computer controller:Our incubator is automatically controlled by a powerful computer controller that with adjust the climate inside the incubator to ideal temperature and humidity level required for egg incubation.
  • Power consumption 1KW
  • Our incubator are engineered to work for between 15-20 years and all parts can easily be replaced by our Technician
  • Our incubator are made of elegant material that are good in appearance
  • Edge is covered by aluminum alloy that makes the incubator
  • All  incubator parts are imported
  • All our incubators are assembled locally,all parts imported
  • The incubator has 1 Computer controller,2 Heaters,4 Setters,2 Fans,Water bow and the door can be locked using keys
  • Water to incubator is automatically supplied from external reservoir
  • Full automatically alarming to alart incase of any adjustment needed
  • Digital displaying of temperature,humidity and turning frequency
  • fan with automatic heating and roller humidifying system
  • Trolley egg-frame for easy operating, inside disinfecting and cleaning.
  • Can stay upto 8 hrs without Power

What Features of automatic egg incubator ?

1.Digital displaying of temperature, humidity and turning frequency
2.Full automatically temperature controlling
3.Full automatically humidity controlling
4.Full automatically eggs turning
5.Full automatically alarming
6.Full automatically cooling and ventilator
7.Much strong and professonal than normal material ,with high hatching rate
8 .microcomputer, completely automatic incubator


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