In order to reduce the feed cost which accounts for about 70% of the total cost of poultry production indigenous poultry feed enterprises came into existence. Most small scale poultry enterprises now depend on these indigenous feed rations.

The raw materials are sourced locally. The feed constitutes mainly of maize, sorghum spent grains, groundnut cake, soyabean meal, fish meal and bone meal.feed


In Kenya, the feed industry is dominated by few large commercial feed industries

Currently in Kenya emphasis has been placed on encouraging indigenous feed enterprises that make use of local ingredient in formulating feeds for the poultry industry. Due to the foregoing, the numbers of such enterprises are on the increase.

The task of meeting the increasing demand for poultry feed can best be realized through increased availability of indigenous feed production.

Indigenous Feed Enterprises are seen as an honest approach because of ease of availability of raw materials, and access by poultry farmers. A number of strategies have been adopted such as price policies, input subsidies, production credit and liberalization) by governments and individuals to increase the output of these poultry feed enterprises, yet their performance is low in terms of meeting the needs of the poultry industry. Interestingly, the request for the products of the enterprises is daily on the increase.

Poultry feed is food for farm poultry, including chickens, ducks, geese and other domestic birds. Feed for poultry mostly consists of grain. A portion of commercial feed, typically around a quarter, is known as bulk and is indigestible. The amount of bulk is referred to as bulk density. The quantities of feed, and the nutritional requirements of the feed, depend on the weight and the age of the poultry as well as the season.
Based on their age, weight and breed, below are different categories of feeds

Chicks’ mash- the formulation to meet nutritional requirement of newly hatched chicks and animals up to their brooding and whining period.

Broilers mash-it is the feed meant for the broiler chicks. The feed ensure quick growth and development of the livestock because of its richness in protein, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals.


Growers’ mash- enables livestock to grow and develop faster in body size, weight, and other internal and external features to give room for their maturity at the expected time.

Layer mash- these feed is needed in helping the birds that are layers to produce more eggs which are big in size, properly shaped with good hard shells.

Ecochicks Poultry will help you  examine the financial viability of establishing a livestock feed processing plant in Kenya. The installed capacity of the proposed factory is 2.5 tons of poultry feed operating for 8 hours which translates to 100 bags of 25kg livestock feed.

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  1. How much do you sell this feed machine

    1. The feed machine costs ksh 40,000. Delivery to major towns in Kenya

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  3. What is the cost of the mini machine propelled by electric motor?

  4. what is the procedure of making poultry feeds

  5. can the feed machine be given out on loan?

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  6. do you know where i can learn how to mix the feed? and buy the machine electric one and at how much just started poultry farming with 1000 chicks so need to learn asap. thank you.

    1. We usually provide our feed machines accompanied by a mixing formula

  7. Can the machine be given on loan and at what rate

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    1. yes call us on 0727087285

  8. Do you train on how to use the feed maker

    1. yes we train on all our machines including feed making machines and eggs incubators

  9. Where can i get turkey chicks feed in Kenya?

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  10. Hi,I have just began poultry farming with 200birds(kuroiler,)I might need this machine,the feeds are very expensive, just imagin a 50kg sack of feed lasts only a week????


    1. We have electric and petrol grinders

  12. hi, how much is a quarter ton feed mixer.

  13. Feed choper/grinding machine

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